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  Medication Side Effects - SEIZES-B  

The Scale for the Evaluation and Identification of seizures, Epilepsy, and Anticonulsant Side-effects-B (SEIZES-B) is a 52-item scale designed to assess side effects common with use of AEDs. Parents/caretakers familiar with the individual rates each item. The scale is divided into 14 different categories that covers all aspects of AED side effect profiles: (1) hematological disturbance, (2) electrolyte disturbance, (3) hepatic disturbance, (4) weight disturbance, (5) respiratory disturbance, (6) gastric disturbance, (7) dermatological disturbance, (8) hair changes, (9) gait disturbance, (10) tremor, (11) sedation, (12) affect disturbance, (13) cognitive disturbance, and (14) drug-related dizziness.


Matson, J.L., Laud, R.B., Gonzalez, M.L., & Malone, C.J. (2005). The reliability of the scale for the evaluation and identification of seizures, epilepsy, and anticonvulsant side effects-B (Seizes B). Research in Developmental Disabilities, 26, 593-599.